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Our story

Hello! My name is David Lesue. I’m a professional graphic designer, artist, and t-shirt designer and the proud father of four wonderful girls. For the past few years, my wife, Holly, and I have been team-teaching primary classes in our ward (we're members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

When we started teaching primary, we quickly discovered that nearly every week we were:
• Planning our lessons last minute
• Rushing to come up with an engaging activity for our class
• Unimpressed with the other free downloads available
• Trying to figure out how to keep our own kids engaged during church
• And feeling a tinge of guilt about all of it

Holly and I both love to create and believe that creativity is an important part of our spiritual development. We wanted to do better and to give our primary class something creative—something that would make church feel fresh, fun, and interesting for the kids in our class. We wanted to give them something cool that they could look forward to each week that would also help them remember the lesson.

So, one week, we did. I spent an afternoon drawing a few fun coloring pages (Hidden pictures! Matching game! Maze!) and having major flashbacks to all the awesome activity pages of my youth. (Remember Highlights magazine?! Remember Ed Emberly’s drawing books?! Why do we have to grow up? Sigh.)

Anyway, we shared the pages with our class and the kids loved them! I started creating a new set of pages each week. Our own girls asked us to print them out so they could color them during sacrament meeting. They shared the pages with friends and neighbor kids. Their parents asked where they could download them. I shared them on social media and people loved them!

We quickly realized that we had this unique opportunity to help other parents and primary teachers save time in preparing their lessons, infuse more creative activities into their lessons at home and for class, foster an environment of creative gospel study, and be more consistent with their Come Follow Me efforts. So we decided to offer some pages for free and even more pages as part of a subscription and LDS Coloring Pages—Come Follow Me Color Club was born. And did I mention all of these coloring pages are hand drawn originals, by me?

Our mission and deep desire is to spark creativity and engagement in gospel learning for children, teens, and even adults everywhere. 

We’d love for you to join us and add a little color to your Come Follow Me study!

Happy coloring!

Dave & Holly

P. S. Are you ready to add some color to Come Follow Me?